28 January 2014

Whaaaaat ? A complete Warcraft-like playable in a Web Browser ?

Warnode.com is a 3D Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Game in HTML5 / WebGL, a kind of tribute to Warcraft 3, Age Of Empires and Starcraft.

IMAO, 3D Gaming in the browser is going to be huge in the following years. 
Advantages are numerous : let's imagine you have a 20 minutes break at work, you just have to open a new tab in your browser to start playing against your neighbors; no more need to install stuff, check versions, update clients, etc... It can also attract many casual players, bored by poor farm and candy games.

Recently, I restarted to work on Warnode : I have added some animations (finally !), cool-looking heightmaps, more stability and better visuals. 

It is still under development but one day... it will look awesome !